Indian Baby Boys Name Start With E, Best Baby Girls Name List

Indian Baby Boys Name Start With E:-In a simple and easy to navigate format, this dictionary of modern Indian boy baby names begins with the letter ‘E’ and their meanings. The list includes uncommon boy baby names for the letter ‘E’ that are popular all over the globe.

Indian Baby Boys Name Start With E

Indian baby boys name start with E – English is the most popular language spoken in India, followed by Hindi. Hence, it’s not surprising that many of the baby boy names in English originate from India. Here are five of the most popular Indian baby boy names that start with E.

Baby Boy Name List Start with E

According to many parents, this is the name that has the most positive associations and is considered to be very lucky. So if you’re considering naming your baby boy this letter, it’s worth considering. Otherwise, there are a number of other great Indian boys’ names that start with other letters. Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something a little more unique, these names will be perfect for your baby boy.

Indian Baby Boys Name Details

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Baby Boys Name List Start With ‘E’

Eakam Singer
Eashan Lord Vishnu
Ebadaah Prayer to Allah
Edha Sacred, fuel
Edhas Happiness
Edhatu Happiness
Edhit Grown, Developed, Strengthened
Edi Herb
Ednit Evolved
Eehaan The sun
Eesan The Supreme Ruler
Eeshan Lord Shiva
Eeshwar God
Eerav Faith
Egaiarasu King of charity
Eha Lord Vishnu
Ehimay All pervasive
Ehit Always smiling
Ehsaas Feel
Eka Lord Vishnu
Ekaaksha One eyed, Shiva
Ekaatmaa Oneself,alone
Ekaakshara Lord Ganesh
Ekaant Soliltary
Ekachandra The only moon
Ekachith With one mind
Ekacuda Single crested
Ekachakra Son of kashyapa
Ekada The Firsf one
Ekadanta Single tusked
Ekadant Lord ganesh
Ekadeva The only God
Ekadyu Supreme Sky
Ekagrah Focused
Ekaja born alone
Ekalinga With one linga, the supreme phallus
Ekak Once, alone
Ekaksha Lord Shiva
Ekakshara Oneself, alone
Ekala Solitary
Eklavya Student who learned bow by watching
Ekalavya One with concentrated knowledge
Ekaling Lord Shiva
Ekambar Sky
Ekamukha Single faced
Ekana Lord Vishnu
Ekanai The only leader
Ekanath King
Ekanga Single bodied
Ekani One
Ekanjeet God’s triumph
Ekanpreet Love for God
Ekansh Whole,One,Complete
Ekanta Lovely, devoted to one
Ekant Solitary
Ekansh Whole
Ekalavya Renowned for his devotion to his guru
Ekambar Sky
Ekananga Lover
Ekanansa New moon
Ekangika Made of sandalwood
Ekansh Whole
Ekapad Lord Shiva
Ekaraj Emperor
Ekaraya sole monarch
Ekasarga Closely attentive, concentrated
Ekavir Bravest of the brave
Ekatan Closely attentive
Ekatma One universal soul
Ekatvacha Parrot
Ekavira Outstandingly brave
Ekayana The doctrine of unity, wordly wisdom
Ekayavan The wise one
Ekdak Identical
Ekendra The sole lord
Ekesa The sole of god
Ekeswara Lord Shiva is Only One
Ekish The primal God,Brahman
Eknath Saint
Ekodar Brother
Ekraj Leader, Emperor
Ekram Honour
Elango Prince, Author of tamil masterpiece Silappadhikaram
Elavarasan Prince
Elayaraja Young King
Elamaran Young Murugan
Elesh King
Elilan Handsome
Elilarasan Handsome, king of beauty
Elilarasu Handsome, king of beauty
Elilvendan Handsome, king of beauty
Ellu Sesame seed considered sacred
Elumalai Lord Venkateshwara, lord of seven hills
Emaan Faith
Emeric Leader
Erman Friend God
Esaki South India Local God
Esan Desire, wish
Esh God
Eshita One Who Desires
Eshaan Lord Shiva, Lord Sun
Eshanputra Lord Shiva’s Son
Eshansh A part of God
Eshanth Lord Vishnu
Eshar Blessed Prosperous
Eshwar Lord Shiva
Eshwardutt Gift of God
Etasa Shining
Etash Luminous
Etapatra Dappled leaves
Eti Arrival
Erisudar intelligent
Erish To Cherish, To hold dear
Ettan Breath
Evavada Truthful
Evan Young
Evaraj To Shine as Bright as the Sun
Evyavan Lord Vishnu


There are so many Indian baby boys name starting with “E” that it can be hard to decide which one to choose. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll introduce you to five of the most popular Indian baby boys name starting with “E”, and provide you with a quick overview of each one. After reading this article, you’ll have a much better idea of which name is right for your son.

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