Indian Baby Boys Name Start With F, Best Baby boy (Prince) Names List

Indian Baby Boys Name Start With F:-In a simple and easy to navigate format, this Modern Indian Boy Baby Names dictionary starts with the letter ‘F’ and its meanings. The alphabet ‘F’ list includes unique boy baby names that are popular all around the globe.

Indian Baby Boys Name Start With F

Wondering what Indian baby boys name starts with F? If you’re looking for a unique and special name for your new little boy, you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll be sharing the top Indian baby boys names that start with F. Do you know any Indian baby boys names that start with F? If not, you’re not alone! Indian baby boys names tend to start with letters from the alphabet, and F is no exception. Here are five Indian baby boy names that start with F.

Baby Boy Name Start With F

So, you’re pregnant and you’ve got a few speculations swirling around in your head – like what gender your baby will be, for instance. But before you go ahead and name your baby, there’s one thing you need to do first – determine their initials! And to help you with this, we’ve put together a list of Indian baby boys’ names that start with F. Whether you’re looking for something classic and traditional or something a little more contemporary and up-to-date, these names will have you covered.

Indian Baby Boys Name Details

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Indian Baby Boys Name List Start With ‘F’

Faakhir Proud, excellent
Faalachandra Lord shiva
Faaraj Relief, Freedom from Grief
Faaris Horseman, knight
Faarooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Fadi The redeemer
Falan Beautiful
Fadl Outstanding, honourable
Fadl Ullah Excellence of God
Fahad Lynx
Faisal Decisive
Faiyaz Artistic
Faiz Gain
Fakhry Honorary
Falak The sky
Falabhushan Adorned by benefits
Falgu Lovely
Falguni, Phalguni Born in Falgun, a Hindu month, Arjun
Faneesh Lord Shiva
Faneendra king of serpent
Fanilokesh Lord of the serpants world
Fanindra The cosmic serpent Shesh
Faniratna Jewel of the serpants
Fanishwar Lord of serpents, Vasuki
Fanish The cosmic serpent Shesh
Fanibhushan Lord Shiva
Fanibrahma The creator of the serpants
Fanindranath Lord Vishnu
Fanothama Best of the celestial serpants
Fareed Unique
Farhad Happiness
Farhat Happiness
Faris Ability to discern, perspicacity
Faraz Equitable
Farid Wide
Faruh Happiness
Farukh, Farokh Power of discrimination
Farvez Victory Man
Fateen Clever, smart
Fateh Victory
Fatik Crystal
Fitan Intelligence
Fawwaz Successful
Fidaa Sacrifice
Feroz Winner
Fhani Snake
Fhanibhusan Ornamented by serpents
Firdaus Paradise
Firoz Name of a king
Foolendu Full moon
Fravash Guardian angel
Frany Joyful
Fuad Heart
Fuji Mountain


If you’re looking for a unique baby name that is sure to stand out, consider choosing an Indian name. Not only are these names distinctive, but they also have a deep history and meaning. In this article, we discuss the top Indian baby boy names and their corresponding meanings. We hope you find this information helpful!

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