Indian Baby Boys Name Start With P, Best Baby Boy Names List

Indian Baby Boys Name Start With P:-In a simple and easy to navigate format, this Modern Indian Boy Baby Names dictionary begins with letter ‘P’ and lists its meanings. The following is a list of uncommon boy baby names for the alphabet ‘P’ that are popular.

Indian Baby Boys Name Start With P

Indian babies are some of the most popular in the world, and for good reason. They have some of the most unique and beautiful names. But what does this mean for baby boys? According to BabyCenter, baby boys start their names with a P. Here are five of the most popular Indian baby boy names starting with a P.


You might be wondering what the most popular baby boy names in India start with “P.” According to recent surveys, the top 5 baby boy names in India – Prateik, Pravesh, Pavan, Rahul, and Siddharth – all start with “P.” If you’re planning to name your baby after one of these Indian baby boy names, make sure you choose a name that will be popular in India too!

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List Of Baby Boys Name Start With ‘P’

Paandu Father of the Pandavas
Paavan Purifier
Pacata another name for sun, fire, Indira
Pachai Youthful, resourceful
Pachaimani Youthful, resourceful
Pachaimuthu Youthful, resourceful
Padati Foot soldier
Padmabandhu Friend of the lotus
Padmabhasa with the brilliance of the lotus
Padmabhu born of the lotus
Padmabhuta Another name of brahma
Padmadhara lotus bearer
Padmadhisa Lord of the lotus
Padmagandha Smelling like lotus
Padmagarbha One who is born from a lotus
Padmahasan Youthful, resourceful
Padmahasta Lotus Handed,Lord Krishna
Padmaj Lord Brahama
Padmakant Husband of lotus (Sun)
Padmakara With a lotous in hand
Padmalaya Living in lotus
Padm Baby Lotus
Padman Lotus
Padmanabha Lord Vishnu
Padmapati Lord Vishnu
Padmesh Lord Vishnu
Padmamihira Lotus sun
Padmanabha Lotus navelled
Padmanandan Arisen from a lotus
Padmapani Lord Brahma
Padmayani Lord Brahma, Lord Buddha
Padminish Lord of lotuses
Padvaya Leader, guide
Pahal Beginning Initiative
Palak Eyelash
Palani Abode of Lord Murugan
Palaniappan Another name for Lord Murugan
Palanikumar Another name for Lord Murugan
Palanimurugan Another name for Lord Murugan
Palanisami Another name for Lord Murugan
Palanivel Another name for Lord Murugan
Palash A flowering
Palashkusum The flower of Palash
Palashranjan Beautiful like a Palash
Palin Protecting
Pallab New leaves
Pallav New leaves
Pals Friend
Palvit Name of Lord Vishnu
Pallavastra With blossoms for weapons
Pamit Fulfilled,Gained
Pamir Mountain range
Panav Prince
Panchajana Five eyed, Lord Shiva
Panchanan Lord Shiva
Panchavaktra Five faced, Lord Hanuman
Pandhari Lord Vithobha
Pandu Son of Vyasa
Pant The Creed,Path
Panit Admired, praised
Pankaj Lotus
Pankajan Lotus, Lord Vishnu
Panmoli Speaks sweetly
Panduranga Lord Vithobha
Pankaj Lotus
Prajwal Bright
Panini The great scholar-grammarian
Pannaga Lord Vasuki
Pannalal Emerald
Panshul Lord Shiva
Paravasu Name of a sage
Parag Peruman
Param Great king
Parag Pollen
Param The best
Paramesha Supreme Lord
Paramananda Superlative joy
Paramesh Lord Shiva
Parameshwar Alimightly Lord
Parakram Strength
Paramhansa Supreme soul
Paranjay Varun; Lord of the Sea
Parantapa conqueror; Arjuna
Paras Touchstone
Parashar An ancient
Parasmani Touchstone
Parasme Lord Rama
Paresh Supreme Lord
Pari Charitable prince
Parijat A celestial flower
Parikshit Name of an ancient king
Parimal Fragrance
Parin Another name for Lord Ganesha
Parindra Lion, Brave
Paritosh Satisfaction
Parjanya Cloud, rain
Parnad A Brahmin in the qpics
Parashuram Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Parin Another name of Lord Ganesha
Partha Arjun
Parth King
Paartha Name of Son of Pritha
Pratham Always first
Parthapratim Like Arjuna
Parthiv Royal
Praveer An excellent warrior
Parvath Rocky
Parvatinandan Lord Ganesh
Parvesh Lord of celebration
Pasaq Lord of Celebrations
Pashunath Lord of animals, Lord Shiva
Pason Uprising
Pasupati Lord Shiva
Pasyat Visible
Patag Lord Surya (Sun)
Patakin Holder of a banner
Patanjali Famous Yoga philosopher
Pathik A traveller
Pathin Traveller
Patralika New leaves
Patul Yellow coloured
Pavak Fire
Pavalan Skilled in literature
Pavan Breeze
Pavanaj Lord Hanuman
Pavani Hanuman
Pavankumar Son of the wind, Bhim, Hanuman
Pavitra Pure
Payas Water
Payod Cloud
Peeyush Nectar
Perumal Lord Venkateshwara
Phalin Fruitful
Phanibhusan Lord Shiva
Phanindra Sesh; the divine snake
Phenil Foamy
Pinank Lord Shiva name
Pinaki Lord Shiva
Pirmohammed Rhw holy prophet
Piush Nectar
Pitambar Lord Vishnu
Piyush Nectar
Ponnan Precious
Poojan Worship
Poojit Worshipped
Poonish Lord of the pious
Poorna Complete
Poornachandra Full moon
Posh Month in Hindu Calendar
Prabal Coral
Prabhakar The sun
Prabhanjan Crushing
Prabhas Lustrous
Prabhat Morning
Prabhav Effect
Prabhu God
Prabhith individuality, independence
Prabir Brave
Prabodh Consolation
Prabuddha Awakened
Prachetas Energy
Prachur Abundant
Pradeep Lamp
Pradhi Great intelligence
Pradosh Dusk
Pradyot Lustre
Pradyumna Cupid
Pradyun Radiant
Pradyuta Begin to shine
Praful Blooming
Prafulla Blooming
Pragita Singing
Pragitya Celebrity, excellence
Pragun Straight; honest
Prahlad Joy; Great devotee of the Lord
Prajesh Lord Brahma
Prajin Kind
Prajit Kind
Prajnendra Lord of wisdom
Prajval Flame, light
Prakat Mainfested
Prakash, Parkash Light
Prakriti Nature
Pralay Himalay
Pramat Wise, prudent
Prathamesh Lord God
Pran Life
Pranaam Salute
Pranab Sound of Om/td>
Pramod Delight
Pran Life
Pranav The sacred syllable, Om
Pranay Love
Pranesh Lord of life
Pranit Modest
Pranil Lord Shiva, Life giving
Pranjal Simple
Pranjivan Life
Pransukh Joy of life
Prasad Blessing
Prasanna Happy
Prasenjit A king in the epics
Prasham Peace
Prashanth Peace
Prasiddhi Accomplishment, fame
Prasun Blossom
Pratap Glory; Dignity
Prateep King, Shantanu’s father
Prateet Manifested
Pratik Symbol
Pratiti Faith; undrstanding
Pratul Plenty
Praval Fierce, strong
Pravan To conquer
Pravar Most excellent
Pravek Most excellent
Praver Chief
Praveen Expert; experienced
Pravin Skilled
Pravir Brave
Prayag Confluence
Prayan Supreme Intelligent/td>
Prem Love
Premendra Lover
Pritam Beloved
Prithu A king from the epics
Prithvi Earth
Prithviraj King of the earth
Priya Beloved
Priyabrata Devoted to pleasing
Priyom Beloved
Pugal Glory, fame
Pugalendhi Glorious, admirable
Pujesh Something worshipped
Pujit Worshipped
Pukhraj Topaz
Pulak Joy
Pulin Adorable,Beautiful
Pulakesh Joyous
Pulastya An ancient
Pulin Beautiful
Pulish Name of a sage
Pundalik Lotus
Pundarik Lotus
Punit Pure
Punit Holy
Punyabrata Dedicated to the good
Punyasloka Sacred verse
Purandar Lord Indra
Puranjay Lord Shiva
Purnacandra Full moon
Purnamasa Full moon
Purnamrta Full of nectar
Purnanada God
Purnendu Full moon
Puru Abundant; name of a king
Pururava The founder of Chandra dynasty
Purushottam Lord Vishnu
Pushkar Lotus; a lake
Pushpak Mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu
Pushpesh Lord of flowers
Puspin Rich in flowers
Pusyamitra Friend of blossoms
Putadaksa Pure minded
Putra Son
Putrima Purified
Puttala Doll
Pyarelal Lord Krishna
Pyaremohan Lord Krishna


Indian Baby Boys Name Start With P Conclusion So here we are concluding our list of Indian baby boys name starting with P. We hope you have enjoyed reading it. Do comment below if you have any queries or suggestions about the list. We would love to hear from you.

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