Indian Baby Boys Name Start With Y, best Baby Boys Names List

Indian Baby Boys Name Start With Y:-In a simple and easy to navigate format, this Modern Indian Boy Baby Names dictionary begins with the letter ‘Y’ and its meanings. The alphabet ‘Y’ list contains uncommon boy baby names that are popular across the globe.

Indian Baby Boys Name Start With Y

There are many reasons behind this, but the most popular one is that it’s a letter that’s not typically seen in Indian names. This makes it stand out and attract attention. Additionally, because it’s a relatively rare letter, parents feel confident that their baby will be able to find a name that suits them perfectly. Additionally, there are lots of Indian baby boy names that start with Y that are fashionable and stylish.

Baby Boy Name Start With Y

If you’re expecting a baby boy in India, it’s likely that his name will start with the letter Y. In fact, there are so many names beginning with Y that it’s hard to choose just one! Here are five of the most popular Indian baby boy names that start with the letter Y. Firstly, the letter ‘y’ is the 11th letter of the alphabet, which is considered auspicious in India. Secondly, it’s the first letter of the word ‘you’, which is a sign of strength and protection for boys. Finally, it’s also the first letter of the word ‘year’, which signifies growth and new beginnings. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting name for your baby boy, make sure to start with ‘y’.

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Indian Baby Boys Name Details

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List of Baby Boys Name Start With ‘Y’

Yaalchelvan Pride of yaalpaanam
Yaalmani Gem of yaalpaanam
Yaalvendan Ruler of yaalpaanam
Yadasambharta Chief of marine animals
Yadavaprakasa Lord Krishna
Yadav Lord Krishna, descedent of Yadu
Yadavaputra Son of Yadu
Yadavaraya King of of Yadavas
Yadavasardula Tiger or chief of Yadavas
Yadavasrestha First of Yadavas
Yadavendra Lord Krishna
Yadavesvara Lord Krishna
Yadaspati Lord Varuna, Lord of marine animals
Yadgiri Remember
Yadisa Lord of Marine animals, Another name for Vishnu
Yaashva Brave
Yadonatha Lord of sea animals, Another name for Vishnu
Yadhu Name of an ancient Indian king
Yadid Friend, Beloved
Yadnyesh Lord
Yadukrishna Lord Krishna
Yadukumara Lord Krishna
Yadumani Jewel of the Yadus
Yadunandan Lord Krishna
Yadunath Lord Krishna
Yaduraj Lord Krishna
Yaduvir Lord Krishna
Yogisa Lord of Yogis, Lord Krishna
Yagna Ceremonial rites to God
Yahu Offspring
Yahyaa Prophet’s name
Yaja Sacrificer, worshipper
Yajaka Liberal
Yajaman Worshipping
Yajat Lord Shiva
Yajatra Worthy of worship
Yajin Worshipper
Yajna Worship, an incarnation of Vishnu
Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu
Yajnarup Lord Krishna
Yajnesh Lord Vishnu
Yajvin Worshipper
Yajya Pavitra
Yakin Belief, Trust
Yaksin Having life, living
Yakshit Who is Made Forever
Yaksh Representative of God
Yamha Dove
Yamadevata Having yama for one’s deity
Yamadruma Yama’s tree
Yamahil Lord Vishnu
Yamaja Twin born
Yamajith Another name for Shiva
Yamavat One who govern himself
Yami God
Yamira Moon
Yamita Restrained, checked
Yamura The Moon
Yancy Englishman, Son of Jan
Yania Good Brother
Yanki Lord Moon
Yanni Gift of God
Yansh Name of a God
Yanny Famous Pianist
Yantur Ruler, guide
Yash Victory, glory
Yashaswin Successful boy
Yashas Fame
Yashodhara One who has achieved fame
Yashodhan Rich in fame
Yashodev Lord of Fame
Yashwant One who has achieved glory
Yashpal Protector of fame
Yashveer Glorious and Brave
Yashil Lord Shiva, Success
Yasomitra Friend of fame
Yasonandi With happy fame
Yasonidhi One whose wealth is fame
Yasoraja Lord of fame
Yash Raj Victory
Yasovar Reputed
Yasovarman Armoured by fame
Yasuo Peaceful One
Yatavan Lord Vishnu
Yatiraja King of ascetics
Yatin God of Yoga
Yatindra Lord Indra
Yatisa Lord of ascetics
Yaudhavir Lord Krishna
Yayin Lord Shiva
Yazat Another name of Lord Shiva
Yazid Increase, Abundance
Yedhu Lord Krishna
Yika A Charrecter of Epics
Yog Lord Buddha
Yoganand Delighted with meditation
Yogendra God of Yoga
Yograj Great ascetic
Yogesh Ascetic
Yogendra God of Yoga
Yogit Planner
Yogine Saint, A name of Lord Hanuman
Yoog Time, Age, Generation
Yoonus Prophets name
Yoosuf Prophets name
Yoshit Young
Yotu Cleaning
Yuddha Fought
Yuddhacarya One who teaches the art of war
Yuddhavira Hero
Yuddhakirti Famous in war
Yudhajit Victor in war
Yugapa Gandharva
Yugith God Kuber
Yugma Twins, zodiac sign of Gemini
Yukta Attentive, skillful
Yunay Another name of Lord Ganesh
Yushan Mountain
Yuvaan Youthful, Lord Shiva
Yuval Brook
Yuvan Young, strong
Yuvaraj Prince, heir apparent
Yudhisthir Firm in battle
Yuyudhi Warlike; Martial
Yuyutsu Eager to fight


If you’re looking for a unique and catchy baby Boy name that starts with the letter Y, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of Indian baby boys names that start with the letter Y. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Indian name or something a little more modern, we’ve got you covered. So if you’re considering naming your baby boy Y, be sure to check out this list!

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