Indian Baby Girl Name Starting With V, Top Baby Princess Girls Name List

Indian Baby Girl Name Starting With V:-Here are a few girl names to investigate if you’re interested. This database contains the most popular and well-known baby names. To make your search for baby names easier, we’ve organized the names and meanings alphabetically. As a result, in order to choose an appropriate name for your Little Baby Princess, we’ll look at a few Indian baby names and meanings.

Indian Baby Girl Name Starting With V

When it comes to picking baby girl names, there’s no shortage of choices. But which Indian names starting with V are the hottest right now? In this post, we’ll explore some of the most popular Indian baby girl names that start with V and give you an overview of what they mean and why they’re so popular. From vanya to vrinda, these names are sure to make your baby girl unique and special. these names are sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Indian name or something more modern, these names will fit the bill. We also include a brief description and some stats about each name to help you make an informed decision. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to get started!


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List Of Baby Girls Name Start With

Vaagai Name of a beautiful flower
Vaanadhi Milky way
Vaannila The moon
Vaanika Sita
Vaasanti Spring festival, Durga
Vabna Imagination
Vaca Speech
Vacya Another for sita
Vachya Goddess Sita
Vadrmati With Visnu
Vagdevi Goddess Sarawati
Vagisvari Goddess of speech
Vahini Flowing
Vahnijaya Conqueror of fire
Vahnipriya Beloved of fire
Vaidagdhi Beauty
Vaidehi Name of Sita
Vaidika Knowledge of veda
Vaijanti Flag, Banner, Name of a flower
Vaijayanti A garland of Lord Vishnu
Vaijayantika Pearl necklace
Vaijayantimala A garland of Lord Vishnu
Vainavi Gold
Vaishaka A season
Vaishali An ancient city of India
Vaishanavi Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
Vaishavi, Vaishnodevi Goddess Parvati
Vaiyushi Loved by everyone
Vaji Strong
Vajra Diamond
Vajrasri Divine diamond
Vaksi Strength
Vakti Speech
Vallari Goddess Parvati, creeper
Valli Creeper
Vama Woman
Vamakshi Beautiful eyes
Vamaksi Fair eyed
Vamshika Flute
Vanadurga Goddess Parvati
Vanaja A forest girl, Blue lotus flower
Vanajaksi Blue lotus eyed
Vanalakshmi Ornament of the forest
Vanalika Sunflower
Vanamala Garland of forests
Vanani Forest
Vanaspati Protector of forest
Vanathi Of the forest
Vanca Wish,Desire
Vanchita Desired
Vandana Worship
Vandhitha Praised
Vanitha Loved
Vandya Adorable
Vanhi Fire
Vanhishka Queen of the universe
Vanhishikha Flame
Vani Wish, Desire, Goddess Saraswati
Vanika Eloquent in words
Vanisri Goddess Saraswati
Vanisha Queen of the universe
Vanita Woman, Desired
Vanmathi Highly knowledge
Vanmayi Goddess Saraswati
Varnitha Coloures
Vanshika Flute
Varada Goddess Lakshmi
Varana A river
Varangi With an elegant form
Varashni Goddess of rain
Varasya Request
Varda Increasing
Vardhini Goddess Parvati
Vari Water, Sea
Varja Lotus
Varnika Fine gold
Varsha Rain
Varshitha Beautiful
Varsni Rained
Vartika Lamp
Vartta Intelligence
Varuna Wife of the lord of the sea, Name of a river
Varuni Wife of the lord of the sea, Goddess Durga
Varushka Rain
Varya Tresure
Vasantika Goddess of spring
Vasanti Of spring
Vasavi Wife of Indra, Treasury
Vasthavi True
Vastr Shining
Vasudha The earth
Vasudhi Goddess Lakshmi
Vasuki One who resides under earth
Vasumati The earth, Possessing treasure
Vasundhara The earth, Best of the dieties
Vasvi The divine night
Vatansa Ring
Vatarupa With the form of the wind
Vatsa Daughter
Vatsha Son,Child,Beloved
Vatsala Affectionate, Tender
Vatsala Child loving
Vatsamitra Friend of children
Vayla Time
Vayshini The one who brings rain
Veda Famous
Vedana Knowledge
Vedangi A part of Vedas
Vedasini Carrying wealth
Vedasri Beauty of the Vedas, Goddess Saraswati, One who Knows All Vedas
Vedanthi Knower of Vedas
Vedavathi Familiar with the vedas
Vedavathi Familiar with the vedas
Vedanshi Clever
Vedi Altar
Vedika Altar, A river in India
Veditha Dedicated to service
Vedvalli Joy of the Vedas
Vedya Knowledge
Veena Lute
Veenapani Goddess Saraswati
Venmathi A pure soul
Venaya Lovable
Veer Brave
Veeralaxmi Goddess Parvati
VeeraSundari Goddess of bravery
Veidehi Goddess Sita
Veka Offspring of a bird
Vela Time
Vena Yearning, longing
Vennela Moon Light
Venny Wends, Vandals
Vera Truth, Victory, True Image, Trustworthy, Faithful, Summer, Faith
Verni Extremely colourful
Vetali Goddess Durga
Vetravati A river in India
Vibha Night
Vibhasri Goddess of Health
Vibhavari Starry night
Vibhrasti Radiance
Vibhusa Ornament
Vibhuti Great personality
Vidhi The way
Vidika Shepherdess
Vidhika Goddess
Vidhisha Name of a river
Vidhu Bright
Vidula The moon
Vidushi Learned
Vidusi Wise
Vidvesi Having resentment
Vidya Learning
Vidyadevi Goddess of learning
Vidyashree Knowledge
Vidyota Shining, Glittering
Vidyul Lightning
Vidyut Lightning
Vignya Obstacle
Viha Heaven
Viharika Great
Vijara Never growing old
Vijaya Victory of Goddess Durga
Vijayalaksmi Goddess of victory
vijayasree Conqueror, Victorious
Vijeta Victorious
Viji Cute, To Win, Charming
Vijnati Knowledge
Vijul A silk-cottom tree
Vikasini Shining
Vikhyati Fame, Celebrity
Vikranti Strenght
Vikrta Deformed
Viksa Knowledge, Intelligence
Vilasini Playful, Shining
Vilina Dedicated
Vimala Pure, Clean
Vimalya Clean,Pure
Vina Lightning
Vinamrata Politeness, gentleness
Venata Humble
Vinathi Prayer
Vinaya Modest
Vinuta Humble
Vindhya Knowledge
Vindhyavasini Resident Of The Vindhyas
Vindu Intelligent
Vineeta Unassuming
Vinita Humble, Modest
Vinisha Knowledge
Viniti Modesty
Vinoda, Vinodini Pleasing
Vinutha Exceptionally new
Vipanci The remover of troubles
Vipasha A river
Vipasa A river
Vipula Plenty
Viraja Clean, Pure
Virajini Brilliant
Virani Brave woman
Virata Bravery
Virendri Goddess of brave
Virika Possessed with bravery
Virupa Many coloured
Virva To Pour Water to God, Wisp
Virya Energy
Viryavati Powerful
Vishakha A star
Vishala Wide, Spacious
Vishalakshi Large-eyed
Vishali One who has a big heart
Vishaya Subject
Vishnumaya Goddess Parvati
Vishnupriya Goddess Lakshmi
Visoka Exempted from grief
Visruti Celebrity, Famee
Visuddhi Purity
Visva Earth
Vishaka Stars
Vita Wish, Desire
Viti Enjoyment, Light
Vittada Wealth giver
Vitti Intelligence
Vivandisa The wish to worship
Vivasvati Shining forth
Viveka Right
Viveka Right
Vivitsa Desire for knowledge
Vivya Sweet
Viyona Sky
Vrajabala Girl from Mathura and its neighbourhood
Vrcaya Searching
Vrddha Great
Vrinda Basil, Radha
Vritti Nature, Temperament
Vrunda Goddess Radha
Vurna Selected
Vrushika Love of eye
Vruthika Success in life
Vyanjana Rhetorical suggestion
Vyaghesvari Goddess of a tiger
Vyaghrasya Tiger faced
Vyaghri Tigress
Vyahrti Speech
Vyaka River
Vyapti, Vyasti Attainment
Vyatibha Shining forth
Vyeni The dawn
Vyomaganga The Celestial Ganga
Vyomini Celestial
Vyusti The first gem of dawn, Beauty


Looking for an Indian baby girl name starting with V? You’re in the right place! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Indian baby girl names starting with V, so you can get started on your search today. We recommend choosing a name that is unique and has a meaning that you can connect to. If you’re still not sure which name to choose, we’ve also included some helpful suggestions below. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

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