Indian Baby Girl Name Starting With R, Top Baby ( Princess) Girls Name List

Indian Baby Girl Name Starting With R:-You may want to check out the following girl names. This database contains the most popular and well-known baby names. To make your hunt for baby names easier, we’ve arranged the names and meanings alphabetically. So we’ll take a look at some Indian baby names and meanings to help you come up with the perfect moniker for your Little Baby Princess.

Indian Baby Girl Name Starting With R

Indian baby girl names that start with the letter R, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Indian baby girl names that start with the letter R. From Radhika to Ruma, these names are sure to make your choice for a baby girl easy. We’ll also include a list of similar names that start with other letters, so you can find the perfect name for your little one. we’ll list some of the best Indian baby girl names that start with R. From Raina to Ritika, these names will surely capture your child’s heart. If you’re wanting a name that’s unique and different, then check out this list of Indian baby girl names that start with R!

Baby Girl Name Start With R

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List of Baby Girls Name Start With ‘R’

Raagavi Sings with Raaga, God of Raghavendra
Raagini A melody, Music, Love, Another name for Lakshmi
Raaka Full moon
Raah A way
Rahina Soft
Raakhi Symbol of protection, Full moon in the Sravan month
Rabia Famous, Godly
Rabhya Worshipped
Rabita Bond
Racana Accomplishment, creation
Rachna Creation
Rachita Created
Rachika Creator
Radha The beloved of Lord Krishna
Radhana Speech
Radhani Worship
Radhika Successful
Radhiyaa Content, Satisfied
Raga Beauty
Ragavarshini One Who Showers Ragas
Ragavati Full of love
Ragini A melody
Raahi Traveller
Rahuratna jewel of rahu
Raima Pleasing
Raisa Leader, Flower
Rajadhidevi Goddess of the kings
Rajahansa Swan
Rajakala A royal piece
Rajakanya Princess
Rajalakshmi Goddess lakshmi
Rajamani Crown jewel, Royal gem
Rajani Night
Rajanigandha A flower
Rajashri Royalty
Rajashree Royalty
Rajasi Worthy of a king
Rajata Sovereignty
Rajavi Royal bird
Rajdulari Dear princess
Rajeshri Queen
Rajeshwari Goddess Parvati
Rajhans Swan
Raji Shining
Rajika Lamp
Rajitha Illuminated
Rajivini Collection of blue lotuses
Rajkumari Princess
Rajnandhini Princess
Rajni Queen
Rajrita Prince Of Living
Ranjeetha Victorious
Rajshri Sage-like king
Rajul Brilliant
Rajvika Goddess Saraswati
Raka Full moon
Rakhi Bond of protection
Rakini Night
Raakin Respectful
Rakanisa The night of the full moon
Rakasamani A jewel of protection
Raksana Guarding
Raksha Protection
Rakshita Protector
Rakti Pleasing
Rama Goddess Lakshmi
Ramaganga River
Ramana Enchanting
Ramani Woman
Ramakiri Ragini
Rambha Celestial dancer
Rameshwari Goddess Parvati
Ramila Lover
Ramita Pleasing
Ramya Delightful
Ranajita Victorious in battle
Rangana A flower
Ranganayaki Beloved of krishna
Rangitha Charmed
Ranhitha Swift
Rani Queen
Ranita Tinkling
Ranjana Delightful
Ranjani Delightful, One who entertains others, One who brings Joy to others, Fun, Pleasant and charming
Ranjika Exciting
Ranjini Pleasing
Ranjita Adorned
Ranjudeep Pleasant
Ranvi Large settlement
Ranvitha joyous
Ranya Pleasant
Rashi Collection
Rashila Very sweet
Rashim Light,A ray of light
Rashmi Sunlight
Rasna The tongue
Rasha Young Gazelle
Rashmika Ray of light
Rasika Connosseur
Rati Consort of cupid
Rathika Satisfied
Ratna Precious stone
Ratnamaala String of Pearls
Rathna Pearl
Ratnabala Jewelled
Ratnabali String of pearls
Ratnajyoti Lustrous jewel
Ratnalekha Splendour of jewels
Ratnali A jewel
Ratnamala String of pearls
Ratnangi Jewel-bodied
Ratnaprabha Lustrous jewel
Ratnapriya Lover of jewels
Ratnarekha Line of jewels
Ratu Truthful
Ratuja Daughter of truth
Raupya Silvery
Raveena Sunny
Ratnavali Bunch of jewels
Raviprabha Light of the sun
Raviprabha Light of the sun
Raya Flow, Sated with drink
Razwa Look,Blessed with beauty
Rddhi Wealth, Prosperity
Rddhima Full of prosperity, Love
Rea Earth
Rebha Sings praises
Reema White antelope
Reena Gem
Reethika Surprise
Reetika Truthful
Rejaksi With eyes of fire
Reji Rejoice
Rekha Line, Artwork
Reneeka Song
Reenu Atom
Renuga Goddess Durga, Mother
Renuka The mother of Parasurma, The sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Resha Line
Resham Silk
Reshma Silken
Reshmi Silken
Reeta Pearl
Reva A star
Revati A star
Revathi Wealth
Revanthi Beautiful
Rhea Singer
Rhutu Season
Richika Creator,One who praises
Riddhi Good fortune
Ridhi Prosperity
Ridhika Successful
Riju Innocent
Rijuta Innocence
Rikitha Clever
Rima White antelope
Rina Dissolved
Rinesh Success,Love
Risha Sanity
Rishika Saintly
Rishita The Best
Rishvi Female saint
Risita The best
Risna Wise,Black,Dark
Rita Way of life
Riti Memory, well being
Rithika Brass
Ritkriti Creation of God Sun
Ritu Season
Ritsika Traditional
Rituparna Leafy season
Riya Graceful, Singer
Riyanshi Cheerful
Rjuvani Earth
Rocana Bright
Rochi Light
Rohana Sandal wood
Rohanti Climbing, vine
Rohi A music tune
Rohin Rrising
Rohini A star
Rohita Brahma’s Daughter
Rohitha Shining
Rolee Sindoor
Roma Lakshmi
Romila Heartfelt
Roopa Blessed with beauty
Roopadevi Goddess of Beauty
Roopini Beautiful Appearance
Roshni Brightness
Rosana Wish, desire
Roshna Bright
Rubaina Bright
Rucha Vedic Lyrics
Ruchi Lustre, Beauty
Ruchika Shining, Beautiful, Desirous
Ruchita Splendorous
Ruchitha Bright
Ruchira Beautiful
Rudrapriya Goddess Durga
Rudhi Fame
Rugu Soft
Ruhani Spiritual
Ruhi Soul
Ruhika Desire
Ruhin Spiritual
Rujita Charming
Rujula Who endows wealth
Rujuta Honesty, Sincerity
Rukma Golden
Rukmini Consort of Lord Krishna
Ruksana Brilliant
Ruma Wife a Sugriva
Rumana Romantic, Loving
Runa Secret Love
Rupa Silver
Rupal Made of silver
Rupali Beautiful
Rupashi Beautiful
Rupashri Beautiful
Rupavati Possessed with beauty
Rupavidya Form of knowledge
Rupeshwari Goddes of beauty
Rupi Beauty
Rupika Beautiful Woman
Rupika Possessing a form
Rupinika Possessing a Beautiful form
Rupinika Corporeal
Rusama Calm
Rusana Covering
Rusati White
Rusati Fair in complexion
Rusabhanu The angry sun
Rusham Peaceful
Rushada Good news
Rushika Born with blessings of Lord Shiva
Ruth Season
Ruthika Goddess Parvati, Compassionate
Rutika Goddess Parvati
Rutu Season
Rutuja Queen Of Seasons
Rutva Season
Rutvi Name of an angel meaning season
Ryka Born out of a prayer


Do you want to add some extra spice to your baby girl’s name choices? If so, then look no further – Indian baby girl names starting with R are just the thing for you! These unique names are sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd, and they’ll also be perfect for a trendy and modern daughter. Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something a little more daring, these options will have you covered!

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