Most Popular Baby Boys Name 2023

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Most Popular Baby Boys Name

If you’re expecting a baby boy, you know that there are a lot of choices to make. But which name is the most popular? According to the latest figures from the Social Security Administration, the top five most popular baby boys’ names are Liam, Noah, Mason, Owen, and Owen Alexander. Of course, these names will vary depending on where you live and what culture is prevalent. But regardless of which name ends up being the top choice, it’s important to choose one that you and your baby will love!

Most Popular Baby Boy Name

Congratulations! If you’re pregnant, you probably have a list of baby boy names in front of you. But which name is really catching on? In this post, we’re going to take a look at the most popular baby boys names of so far. We’ll also introduce you to some of the new and trending names that are worth considering. So whether you’re looking for a classic name or something a little more unique, we’ve got you covered!

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Popular Baby Boy Name Lists

When it comes to choosing a unique baby boy name, many new parents want to find a happy medium between picking something recognizable and pronounceable and not difficult. Of course, a name’s popularity may ebb and flow over time, with some names lasting for a long time while others only lasting for a brief period of time. We know it can be overwhelming right now, but we’re positive that you’ll figure everything out in time. There’s no question that you’ll find the perfect name for your bundle quickly with such a variety of available baby boy names.

By Style

Our lists of distinctive, cool, southern, and natural baby boy names will assist you discover the ideal fit whether you’re looking for a cool boy name full of zeal and vigor or a sweet boy name that’s a bit more low-key or off-the-beaten path.

Unique Baby Boy Names

  • Apollo
  • Ares
  • Rocco
  • Moses
  • Sylas
  • Ridge
  • Valentino
  • Lucian

Cool Baby Boy Names

  • Jack
  • Jacob
  • Leo
  • Hudson
  • Lincoln
  • Caleb
  • Roman
  • Colton

By Origin

These lists of popular top boy names can help you decide on the right one for your new baby, whether you’re looking for a sweet boy name that will last through time or an more unique one that will really make your kid stand out. Take a look at these lists of popular boy names, as well as their ethnicities and meanings, to see which ones you might like.

Indian Baby Boy Names

  • Kabir
  • Ishaan
  • Jai
  • Dhruv
  • Kanan
  • Diya
  • Agastya
  • Ananya

By Letter

There are an endless number of baby boy names! There are hundreds of baby boy names to choose from between Alexander and Zion, which can be a little overwhelming. To narrow down your choices without losing the variety you love, try out these baby boy names by letter.

Baby Boy Names That Start With A

  • Alexander
  • Anthony
  • Andrew
  • Aaron
  • Axel
  • Austin
  • Adam
  • August

Baby Boy Names That Start With J

  • James
  • Jack
  • Jackson
  • Jacob
  • John
  • Joseph
  • Josiah
  • Jaxon

Other Lists

Are you still looking for that perfect name? To learn more baby boy names and meanings, check out these most popular baby name lists.

Uncommon Baby Boy Names

  • Everest
  • Caspian
  • Rome
  • Yehuda
  • Fisher
  • Zechariah
  • Montgomery
  • Vaughn
  • Fisher
  • Zechariah
  • Montgomery
  • Zen
  • Dion
  • Vaughn
  • Arrow
  • Indiana
  • Ulysses
  • Teo
  • Wynn
  • Auden

Unique Celebrity Baby Boy Names

Unique baby boy names are remarkable. You’ve got your nose to the ground on this path of unique names if you draw inspiration from the world’s best. If, on the other hand, you want one of these stunning options to be chosen by your favorite A-lister (who has yet to make their playground rounds), then choose one of them! If you want something with a little more pizzazz, check out the Celebrity Baby Names list (or the Wild Celebrity Baby Names list if you want something even zanier).

  • Orion
  • Shepherd
  • Flynn
  • Brendan
  • Foster
  • Clarke
  • Ellington
  • Maximillian
  • Garner
  • Emmanual

Unique Creative Baby Boy Names

There is simply no substitute for your lovely tiny artiste! Introducing him to the world with a one-of-a-kind creative baby boy name will lay the groundwork for a successful career as an artist. You can hardly ask for more than that through life, and he’ll know you’ve always had his imagination and personal growth in mind. Yet, if you want more ideas, check out the entire list of Creative Baby Names on the Stellar website.

  • Story
  • Winslow
  • Calder
  • Jazz
  • Blade
  • Ajax
  • Poe
  • Baldwin
  • Thorn
  • Amedeo

Unique Nature Baby Boy Names

That thought is shared by far more than just Tolkien fans, and it is not lost on them! Teaching your young explorer to go off the beaten path and create their own paths through life is half the fun, and doing so will definitely be the other half! While providing you and your baby with options beyond Cedar and Everest, unique nature baby boy names emphasize this Feeling of Adventivation. Consider the complete Nature Baby Names list if you want additional options like this.

  • Kale
  • Frost
  • Falcon
  • Birch
  • Eagle
  • Bracken
  • Fen
  • Coal
  • Leaf
  • Heathcliff

Unique Biblical Baby Boy Names

Choosing a biblical baby name is the next logical step if you’ve already decided to raise your kid in faith! Thousands of Johns and Lukes exist, so why not choose between biblical baby boy names that are unique for your precious son? Even if you adore the moniker Zach and desire a permanent name etched in the letter, consider Zacchaeus. Go over the complete list of Biblical Baby Names if these choices aren’t quite right for you.

  • Luther
  • Bethel
  • Edric
  • Zacchaeus
  • Meshach
  • Ulrich
  • Barak
  • Janos
  • Neilson
  • Gad


Babies are born every day, and each one has a unique name. But which name is the most popular in the world in 2023? In this blog post, we will reveal the top 10 baby boys’ names of the year 2023. So whether you’re expecting a baby boy or just want to know what the latest trends are, read on for all the details!

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