Pro Kabaddi 2022 PKL 9 Players, Teams, Streaming, Live Score, Points Table

Pro Kabaddi:- On the 7th of October, 2022, the Pro Kabaddi League will kick off. With some of the best players in the world set to compete, this year’s edition of PKL 9 is sure to be a blockbuster event. This season promises to be engaging from start to finish, with 12 teams participating. So, keep track of all the latest news and updates on PKL by visiting our website to make sure you don’t miss a single game! The list of teams for Pro Kabaddi 2022 PKL 9 is shown below. The name, logo, home field, and player information are included in the list. Below are additional information such as live scores, standings, and other details.

With the states represented by teams in the Pro Kabaddi League 9, it is set to begin. Matches will be played in a number of locations around the nation between October and November. The teams will enter the field at the same time, adding an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to the game. It’s wonderful to see Kabaddi getting more attention and credit since it has always been a game that people from all walks of life enjoy and follow.

Pro Kabaddi 2022

The Kabaddi enthusiasts are counting down the seconds till the match begins, while the players are preparing to beat their opponents. Kabaddi is a fast sport that involves using sticks and a steel ball. It is one of the fastest sports in the world. India has hosted the game. On October 7th the Pro Kabaddi League will begin. The Pro Kabaddi League’s inaugural match will take place on this date.

One of the most popular professional kabaddi leagues in the world is the Kabaddi Pro League (PKL), which is gaining popularity by the day. Just eight teams were in the league when it first began in 2014. Pawan Kumar Sehrawat was the highest bidder for the player, offering Rs 2.26 Cr. There are now 12 teams. In the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), the Tamil Thalaivas were represented. This auction demonstrates the worldwide popularity of kabaddi and the value of top talent.

Pro Kabaddi 2022 PKL 9 Players

Pro Kabaddi 2022 Details

Name Of The Article  Pro Kabaddi League 2022
Launch in 2014
Hosting Country India
Start Date 7th October 2022
End Date 8th November 2022
Category Sports

Pro Kabaddi League 9 Teams

There is a lot of anticipation among the audience for PKL season 9 to begin soon. The team lists of all the teams participating in the season are provided below to ensure that you don’t miss any of the action. If your city hosts any matches, make sure to tune in at the stadiums!

Sr. No. Teams Name
1 U.P. Yodhas
2 Jaipur Pink Panthers
3 Puneri Paltan
4 Bengal Warriors
5 Dabang Delhi K.C
6 Haryana Steelers
7 Patna Pirates
8 U Mumba
9 Telugu Titans
10 Tamil Thalaivas
11 Gujarat Giants
12 Bengaluru Bulls

Pro Kabaddi 2022 Players

1. U.P. Yodhas

Players Position
Nitin Tomar Raiders
Rathan K Raiders
James Namaba Kamweti Raiders
Pardeep Narwal Raiders
Surender Gill Raiders
Durgesh Kumar Raiders
Anil Kumar Raiders
Gulveer Singh Raiders
Mahipal Raiders
Rohit Tomar Raiders
Aman Raiders
Abozar Mohajer Mighani Defenders
Jaideep Defenders
Babu Murugasan Defenders
Sumit Defenders
Ashu Singh Defenders
Nehal Desai Defenders
Gurdeep Defenders
Nitin Panwar All-Rounders
Nitesh Kumar All-Rounders
Shubham Kumar All-Rounders

2. Jaipur Pink Panthers

Players Position
Ajith V Kumar Raiders
Rahul Chaudhari Raiders
Devank Raiders
Arjun Deshwal Raiders
Bhavani Rajput Raiders
Navneet Raiders
Nitin Panwar Raiders
Ankush Defenders
Abhishek KS Defenders
Sunil Kumar Defenders
Ashish Defenders
Sahul Kumar Defenders
Deepak Defenders
Woosan KO Defenders
Nitin Chandel Defenders
Reza Mirbagheri Defenders
Lucky Sharma Defenders
Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade All-Rounder

3. Puneri Paltan

Players Position
Akash Santosh Shinde Raiders
Pankaj Mohite Raiders
Aditya Tushar Shinde Raiders
Aslam Mustafa Inamdar Raiders
Mohit Goyat Raiders
Shubham Nitin Shelke Raiders
Fazel Atrachali Defenders
Sombir Defenders
Alankar Kaluram Patil Defenders
Abinesh Nadarajan Defenders
Rakesh Bhalle Ram Defenders
Badal Taqdir Singh Defenders
Harsh Mahesh Lad Defenders
Sanket Sawant Defenders
Govind Gurjar Defenders
Balasaheb Shahaji Jadhav Defenders
Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh All-Rounders
D Mahindraprasad All-Rounders

4. Bengal Warriors

Players Position
Deepak Niwas Hooda Defenders
Surender Nada Defenders
Soleiman Pahlevani Defenders
Sakthivel R Defenders
Vaibhav Bhausaheb Garje Defenders
Parveen Satpal Defenders
Amit Sheoran Defenders
Girish Ernak Defenders
Shubham Shinde All-Rounders
Ajinkya Rohidas Kapre All-Rounders
Rohit All-Rounders
Ashish Kumar (Sangwan) All-Rounders
Balaji D All-Rounders
Vinod Kumar All-Rounders
Manoj Gowda K All-Rounders
Shrikant Jadhav Raiders
Aslam Saja Mohamed Thambi Raiders
Maninder Singh Raiders
R Guhan Raiders
Suyog Baban Gaikar Raiders
Parshant Kumar Raiders
Akash Pikalmunde Raiders


5. Dabang Delhi K.C

Naveen Kumar Raiders
Suraj Panwar Raiders
Ashish Narwal Raiders
Manjeet Raiders
Ashu Malik Raiders
Sandeep Kumar (Dhull) Defenders
Vishal Defenders
Aakash Defenders
Amit Hooda Defenders
Anil Kumar Defenders
Md. Liton Ali Defenders
Ravi Kumar Defenders
Krishan Defenders
Dipak Defenders
Vijay Defenders
Vinay Kumar Defenders
Monu Defenders
Vijay All-Rounders
Reza Katoulinezhad All-Rounders
Tejas Maruti Patil All-Rounders

Pro Kabaddi League Points Table 2022

The 12 teams will battle their finest moves in the PKL’s league stage. The playoffs will start after the game begins quickly. The location and number of games between the two teams are listed in the table below.

Position Teams G Played Won Lost Tied PD PTS
1. Patna Pirates 22 16 5 1 120 86
2. Dabang Delhi 22 12 6 4 -3 75
3. UP Yoddha 22 10 9 3 33 68
4. Gujarat Giants 22 10 8 4 2 67
5. Bengaluru Bulls 22 11 9 2 53 66
6. Puneri Paltan 22 12 9 1 33 66
7. Haryana Steelers 22 10 9 3 -28 64
8. Pink Panthers 22 10 10 2 14 63
9. Bengal Warriors 22 9 10 3 -18 57
10. U Mumba 22 7 10 5 -34 55
11. Tamil Thalaivas 22 5 11 6 -42 47
12. Telugu Titans 22 1 17 4 -130 27

The best Raiders, defenders, and all-arounders battle in the Pro Kabaddi League. Kabaddi fans will love it. For the next two months, they may watch the brilliant games. The official page, as well as the Hotstar app, have additional information for Kabaddi fans.

PKL 9 Live Streaming

The whole competition will be broadcast live on Hotstar’s PKL 9. In addition, they’ll provide a range of extra material to help you get into the game’s atmosphere. So whether you’re a cricket lover or just want to have a nice weekend, Hotstar has everything you need!


The Pro Kabaddi League season 9 is coming to an end and we have seen some incredible matches. But before we close the curtain on this edition of the Pro Kabaddi League, here is our players’ conclusion.


How kabaddi points are calculated?

For a win, each squad in Pro Kabaddi gets five points. In the event of a tie, the teams split three points. The losing team is given one point as long as the defeat margin is seven points or less. No points are given to the losing team if the deficit is larger than seven.

How many teams in Pro Kabaddi in 2022?

The Pro Kabaddi season 9 schedule has 12 teams.

Is a raid skill in kabaddi?

In kabaddi, you have offensive skills. To avoid becoming predictable in an attack, a raider must possess a variety of skills. Raiding plays involve capturing points by attempting a touch on the defenders and returning to their half.

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